Scotts Bluff County - Communications E 911 Center

Non-Emergency Help

What to do when you need Non-Emergency help in Scotts Bluff County.
If someone is NOT being hurt and NOT in danger of being hurt, but you need help or information, call the Scotts Bluff county Communications Dispatch number to be connected to the service needed.

308 436-5880 or 308 436-6666

Non-emergency situations include:

  • A theft or property damage that happened some time ago;
  • Nuisance noise, odors, or barking;
  • An illegally parked or abandoned vehicle;
  • Filing of a report for insurance purposes;
  • Animal control;
  • Maintenance for roads or utilities;
  • Help finding social services;
  • Administrative functions of public safety and other governmental agencies.

Updated: 2011.02.18 - 14:20 MDT