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This zoning regulation is consistent with the Scotts Bluff county Comprehensive Development Plan and is designed for the purpose of promoting the health, safety, morals, convenience, order, prosperity and welfare of the present and future inhabitants of Scotts Bluff county, including, a month others, such specific purposes as:

  • Developing both urban and non-urban areas;
  • Lessening congestion in the streets or roads;
  • Reducing the waste of excessive amounts of roads;
  • Securing safety from fire and other dangers;
  • Lessening or avoiding the hazards to persons and damage to property resulting from the accumulation of run-off of storm or flood waters;
  • Providing adequate light and air;
  • Preventing excessive concentration of population and excessive and wasteful scattering of population settlement;
  • Promoting such distribution of population such as classification of land uses, and such distribution of land development as will assure adequeate provisions for transportation, water flowage, water supply, drainage, santitation, recreation, soil fertility, food supply, and other public requirements;
  • Protecting the taxbase;
  • Protecting property against blight and depreciation;
  • Securing economy in governmental expenditures;
  • Fostering the state's agriculture, recreation, and other industries;
  • Encouraging the most appropriate use of land in the county;
  • Preserving, protecting and enhancing historic building, places, and districts

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Opportunity to Serve

Opportunity to Serve on the Scotts Bluff County Planning Commission and/or Board of Adjustment. Position is a Board Member volunteer appointed to a three year term. Contact Bill Mabin if interested.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is my property zoned?
We need to know the legal description and address.

Do I need a building permit?
We need to know the legal description and address.

How close to my property line can I build?
Setbacks are different for each zoning district. We need to know the legal description and address.

What is required for a building permit?
Need two (2) identical sets of plans at the time of application, including a plot plan, footing detail, wall detail, roof detail and floor plan.

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