Scotts Bluff County - Keno

Scotts Bluff County Keno has been contracted to Small Business Solutions, LLC.
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Keno Locations owned by Scotts Bluff County

Main Parlor
1001 Avenue I
Scottsbluff, NE 69361
308 635-7640

Back of Rack's
1402 East 20th Street
Scottsbluff, NE 69361
308 633-2705

Redz Bar & Grill
1333 Center Ave
Mitchell NE 69357
308 424-1211

Rustic Tavern
122 Center Avenue
Morrill, NE 69358
308 627-2584

Contact Information


Scotts Blufff County Keno
Administration Building - 2nd Level
1825 10th Street
Gering, NE 69341

308 436-6718 - ext 5711
308 436-7163 - FAX

Lisa Rien - Management Accountant

Operations - Small Computer Solutions, LLC

Ryan Keller - Owner
308 765-0105

Annual Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

What is keno?
Keno is a lottery style game where numbers are randomly selected from a pool of 80 numbers. Players place wagers on the numbers that they hope will be drawn. A person may select anywhere from 1 to 20 numbers and place wagers that the numbers they have selected will be the numbers drawn.

How do I play keno?

  • Obtain a bet slip from the keno caddies located throughout the lounge or parlor. Select from 1 through 15 numbers, or play one of the specialized games found in the betting books located around the lounge or keno parlor.
  • Use a keno-betting book to help select the type of game or wager you would like to play and mark this on your ticket.
  • Select the number of games you'd like to play and the amount you would like to wager on each game on your bet slip.
  • Give your bet slip to one of our friendly keno writers. In return, you will receive a computer-generated ticket showing the wager you made. You must check your ticket for accuracy before leaving the keno writer station.
  • Watch for the numbers that have been selected on the "keno board" or television monitors at the location you are playing keno. Twenty out of eighty numbers are selected for each game.
  • The amount you win is dependent on the amount of numbers you selected, the type of game and the amount you wagered.

How do I claim a win?
All tickets played for less than 21 games must be claimed immediately after the last game has been called. Tickets purchased for 21-999 games may be claimed up to 30 days following the date of the ticket purchase.

What if I'm not sure I won?
If you're not sure your ticket is a winner go to the keno counter and ask the keno writer to scan your ticket. They will gladly let you know if your ticket has won anything.

What is a Way ticket?
Way tickets are a method of placing several different wagers on a single keno ticket. To play a Way ticket, simply circle groups of numbers for the combinations you would like to play.

Updated: 2014.09.25 - 12:00 MDT