Scotts Bluff County - Board of Commissioners

Commissioners representatives to serve on various boards and committees as of January 2, 2024

Aging Office of Western Nebraska – Ken Meyer, Alternate Charlie Knapper
Airport Authority Board – Russ Reisig
Building Utilization Committee – Mark Harris
Communications Board/Emergency 911 Advisory Board – Mike Blue
Gering Valley Flood Control Maintenance – Russ Reisig
Panhandle Area Development District & Enterprise Zone Committee – Charlie Knapper -Alternate Russ Reisig
Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska – Ken Meyer
Region I Panhandle Health Group Governing Board – Ken Meyer
Region I Office of Human Development – Ken Meyer
Panhandle Developmental Disabilities Services, Inc. – Charlie Knapper
Scottsbluff Drain Maintenance Committee – Mark Harris
Sheriff Merit Commission – Mike Blue, Alternate Mark Harris
Tourism Committee – Charlie Knapper
Weed Control Authority – Russ Reisig
County Personnel Board – Mark Harris, Alternate Mike Blue
SARA Title III LEPC – Charlie Knapper
Housing Authority Board/Public Housing Community Advisory Council – Mike Blue
Mapping Committee – Russ Reisig, Alternate Mike Blue
County Safety Committee – Mike Blue
Cirrus House Board of Directors – Russ Reisig
Scotts Bluff/Morrill County Extension Board – Mike Blue
Regional Governance Group – Ken Meyer, Alternate Mark Harris
Twin Cities Development – Charlie Knapper, Alternate Ken Meyer
Information Systems Committee – Charlie Knapper
Corrections Dept. Contact Person – Ken Meyer, Alternate Russ Reisig
Region 22 Emergency Management Advisory Board – Mike Blue
Panhandle Public Health District – Mark Harris, Alternate Ken Meyer
Heartland Expressway Association – Mark Harris

Commissioner Liaisons for Appointed Officials

Facilities Manager – Mark Harris
County Safety Committee Chairman – Mike Blue
Central Communications Coordinator – Ken Meyer
Veterans Service Officer – Mike Blue
Director of Public Works/Highway Superintendent – Russ Reisig
Building & Zoning Director – Mark Harris
Weed Control Authority Superintendent – Russ Reisig
GIS/Mapping Director – Russ Reisig
General Assistance Administrator – Charlie Knapper
Personnel Director/Civil Rights Director - Ken Meyer
Management Accountant – Ken Meyer
Detention Center Director – Ken Meyer
Information Systems Director – Charlie Knapper
Tourism Director – Charlie Knapper
Transit Manager – Russ Reisig
Region 22 Emergency Management – Mike Blue