Scotts Bluff County - Roads and Bridges

Snow Removal Policy

Scotts Bluff County Public Works is responsible for the snow removal on the county's road system. This program is not a definitive policy, as many factors (where in the county the snow fell, rate of snowfall, moisture content, temperature and wind velocity and not limited to other events) are taken into consideration. These general guidelines are for reference to establish general policies and procedures to make travel for the motoring public as safe as possible. Safety is the primary concern not only for the motoring public, but also the Public Works personnel.

The Scotts Bluff County Director of Public Works or their representative is responsible for the planning and the application of the snow removal program with the input and approval of the Scotts Bluff County Board of Commissioners.

Section 1.
Snow removal equipment shall be inspected for safe and reliable operation. During snow events the equipment shall be regularly inspected for safe operations. Snow and ice removal materials such as salt and sand will be available before the snow season starts. During snow events, personnel will work their regular hours as assigned by their foreman with the approval of the Director of Public Works or their representative. Personnel will be on an "on call" basis if required as determined by the Director of Public Works or their representative and that, if deemed necessary, they will work extended hours.

Section 2.
Salt and sand or de-icers
will be applied on bridges, at intersections and rail crossings on paved roads. Snow removal shall be directed by the foreman with the intent that the "HTR's" (highly traveled roads) be cleared first. The "HTR's" shall consist of the roads considered intercommunity connectors or important traffic connectors. These roads are the major arterials, other arterials and collectors. The foreman shall then direct the snow removed from the rest of the county's system designated as "local" roads, except minimum maintenance roads. Private drives will not be cleared by County personnel unless deemed by law enforcement and the Director of Public Works or their representative as an emergency. Every effort will be made to prevent plowing snow into driveways. Drives may be opened to the right-of-way after the roads are cleared. Every county road shall be assigned a priority as its importance in the safety and amount of traffic. Roads that are contiguous (with roads integrated within all cities) shall rank in higher priority. These roads shall be identified and coordinated with city personnel before a snow event.

Section 3.
Equipment operators
shall obey all traffic laws during snow plowing operations. If, during snow plowing, an operator encounters a disabled or abandoned vehicle, the operator shall check for occupants of the vehicle. The operator shall then contact their foreman or the Director of Public Works or their representative to determine the appropriate action. If occupants are found, the operator shall make contact to determine if emergency personnel are needed. If the vehicle has been abandoned, the operator shall make contact to have the sheriff's department make arrangements to have the vehicle removed. If an emergency exists where the vehicle constitutes a safety hazard, the operator shall make contact with their foreman or the Director of Public Works or their representative and may be instructed to remove the vehicle by the best method available. If an operator comes upon a stuck vehicle, the operator shall make contact for instructions. The foreman or the Director of Public Works or their representative shall instruct the employee as to the procedure to remove the stuck vehicle. No County personnel shall attach a strap or chain to the vehicle without authorization unless it is a life threatening situation. Operators involved in an accident shall immediately report to their supervisor and may be subject to a drug and alcohol test.

Section 4.
Scotts Bluff County acknowledges
that the policies as set forth are of general nature and recognizes conditions are different in every snow event and that a departure from this general program may be authorized as necessary to protect the safety, health and welfare of the citizens of Scotts Bluff County. The Scotts Bluff County Director of Public Works or their representative is authorized to publicly announce that non-emergency travel is not recommended when conditions warrant such a warning. This snow removal policy does not, nor is it intended to encompass all details of Scotts Bluff County's snow removal and control operations.

Updated: 2011.01.10 - 11:00 MDT