Scotts Bluff County - Sheriff's Office

Duties of the Sheriff

Many duties performed by the Office of the County Sheriff are similar to those performed by the State Patrol and the various city police departments. However, there are significant responsibilities placed upon the Sheriff by state statute. These include the following:

Accident Investigation
All peace officers are here-by specifically directed and authorized and it shall be deemed and considered a part of the official enforce the provisions of the Nebraska Rules of the Road... All other peace officers shall have the power... to investigate traffic accidents.."   (60-683)

Civil Process
It shall be the duty of the sheriff's of the several counties to execute or serve all writs and process issued by any county court... (23-1701.04)

It shall be the duty of the sheriff to serve or otherwise execute, according to law, and return writs or other legal process issued by lawful authority and directed or committed to the sheriff ... (23-1701)

The sheriff shall execute every summons, order or other process and return the same as required by law... (23-1701-06)

Contract Law Enforcement
Any city of the first or second class or any village may ... enter into a contract with the county board of it's county for police services to be provided by the county sheriff. (19-3801)

When there is no coroner...the sheriff of the county is authorized to discharge the duties of coroner in relation to dead bodies. (23-1817)

Crime Prevention
The sheriff and his deputies are conservators of the peace, and to keep the same, to prevent crime ,to arrest any person liable thereto, or to execute process of law... (23-1704)

Criminal Investigation
It shall be the duty of the sheriff preserve the peace in his county, to ferret out crime, to apprehend and arrest all secure evidence of all crimes committed in his county and present the same to the county attorney and the grand jury... (23-1710)

District / County Court
The sheriff shall attend upon the district court as it's session in his or her county...and attend the sessions of the county court when required by the judge. (23-1705)

When the return to this state of a person charged with a crime in this county is required, the extradition proceeding begins with the office of the sheriff including safe transportation of that person... (29-751)

Jailer / Duty of Sheriff
Except in counties where a county board of corrections exists and has assumed responsibility over the jail... the sheriff shall have charge and custody of the jail... (23-1703)

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