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NOTICE OF SHERIFF SALE - Big Iron Auction May 5, 2021  

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The Scotts Bluff County Sheriff has made every effort to provide accurate information about the property to be sold at foreclosure auctions. However, neither Scotts Bluff County nor the Scotts Bluff County Sheriff warrants or guarantees the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of the content on this site or the content which is referenced by or linked to this site. Assessing accuracy and reliability of information is the responsibility of the visitor and the buyer.

Do not rely solely on the information contained on this site that might affect your legal rights. All critical information should be independently verified. Examples of problems which have occurred in the past include technical problems which have voided the entire sale, a discrepancy between the legal description and the address in the notice, and potential defects in the title. It is important that you make a visual observation of the property before bidding at the sale. The condition of the property may have changed since notice of the sale was provided.


Glossary of Terms

Company or person filing the lawsuit (foreclosure)

Person(s) or company against whom the lawsuit (foreclosure) has been filed. (In this case the primary defendants) The person(s) who have judgements against the primary defendants are also listed as defendants because they are being notified of the foreclosure proceedings. Their judgements will be wiped out as judements against the property, with the Sheriff's sale of the property.

Case Number:
The case number the court assigned to a court case when it is filed

Auction Date:
The date the property is set for auction. Delays may be announced at the time of the auction.

Address of Sale Property:
The address the Attorney gives us as the property being sold as described in the foreclosure decree by a legal description.

Redemption Period:
The amount of time the defendant(s) is allowedby law to purchase the property back (redeem) after the sale for the purchase price plus costs reported to the clerk of court by the purchaser. There may be no redemption or from 30 days up to one year redemption.

Sale Date:
Date property was actually sold.

Sale Price:
Price property was sold for.

Company or person to whom the property was sold.