Scotts Bluff County - Sheriff's Office

Patrick Vostades Homicide

Patrick Vostades

On the late evening of August 20, or early morning of August 21, 1971, an unknown person(s) shot and killed me. They took my body to a rural location about five miles south and a half mile west of Stegall and threw me out on a county road where I was found later.

I was a father, a son, a friend and many things to many people in our community. I didn't deserve to die - not like this.

There is a killer, or killers somewhere still out there. Although our local authorities are working hard to locate, identify and prosecute these people, they need your help.

I need your help!

You may have been traveling or visiting in that area and seen someone or something. Maybe it was a vehicle or just something that stuck out in your mind. Maybe it was something you heard later. That little piece of information you think may be insignificant could be the final piece that will help investigators put this case together.

If you know anything or if you can think of anything, please call the Sheriff's Office at (308) 436-6667 or Scotts Bluff County Cimestoppers at (308) 632-STOP.

Please help bring my killer(s) to justice. Thank you!

Updated: 2010.04.30 - 11:00 MDT