Scotts Bluff County - Sheriff's Office

Patrol Division

308 436-6666

The Patrol Division is headed by Sergeant Kris Still and Sergeant Mark Bliss.

Sergeant Bliss is a certified DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) and SFST (Standardized Field Sobriety Test) Instructor.

Deputies Still and Perkins serve on the Scottsbluff Consolidated SWAT Team.

Lieutenant Huffman and Deputy Still perform the duties as Firearms Instructors. Mike Dedinsky is the Taser Instructor.

Deputy Osborn is the Sheriff's Office K-9 Handler. Deputy Osborn's partner is Frodo a 3 year old German Shepherd from the Czech Republic. Frodo is certified in patrol, narcotics, and evidence recovery.

The Patrol Division is responsible for the general law enforcement duties of the Sheriff's Office. These duties include the collection of delinquent personal property taxes, service of civil process, extradition of persons arrested outside our jurisdiction, transportation of sentenced inmates, traffic law enforcement, accident investigations and general requests for service from citizens.

Airport Security Detail

In 2003 the office of the Scotts Bluff County Sheriff assumed full responsibility for all law enforcement services at the West Nebraska Regional Airport in Scottsbluff.

Deputies spend a minimum of 250 hours each month providing safety and security for passengers and visitors alike.

Court Security Detail

Due to increased concerns for safety and security, our court detail is handled by two full-time employees.

Deputy Jeb Brady and Paul Rezac patrols throughout the courthouse complex and attends court proceedings throughout the day.

Kent Ewing is the courthouse screener. She operates the Magnetometer and screens visitors to the courthouse. Wendy also operated the courthouse surveillance equipment.