Scotts Bluff County - Sheriff's Office

Extraditions and Warrants Division

308 436-6667 Ext 5791

" Every person sentenced to the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services shall within 30 days, be transported by the office of the County Sheriff." This duty is imposed under the authority of Nebraska state statute 29-2401.

In addition, when the return to this state of a person charged with a crime in this county is required, the extradition proceeding begins with the office of the Sheriff including the safe transportation of that person to Scotts Bluff County. This duty is imposed under Nebraska statute 29-751.

Judges of the District Court and judges of the County Court shall have power to issue process for the apprehension of any person charged with a criminal offense. The warrant shall be directed to the Sheriff of the county. This duty is imposed under the authority of Nebraska state statute 29-403 (1988 supplement.).

As an arrest warrant is received from the court, it is assigned to a Deputy Sheriff on a rotation basis. Attempts to apprehend these individuals and bring them before the court(s) are monitored by the Chief Deputy Sheriff.

Warrant Clerk, Wendy Lacy, is responsible for the administration of arrest warrants as well as Protection Orders filed at the office of the Scotts Bluff County Sheriff as well as arranging the (appropriate) extradition and/or transportation proceedings.